New MILITEM FERŌX500: Extreme Utility Vehicle

To mark the official opening of its first dealership in Germany, AUTOHAUS ULMEN in Düsseldorf, MILITEM presented, as a international première, its new super sporty model: the FERŌX500 features a V8 HEMI® of 6.417 cc (392 cubic inches) delivering 470 CV at 6.000 rpm. FERŌX500 gives life to the new EUV (Extreme Utility Vehicle) category; extremely powerful units suited to any conditions. The model is the maximum expression of MILITEM’s sporty vision and delivers extraordinary performance, both on-road and off, with the chance to choose between two different types of tire. The FERŌX range was already well represented by FERŌX and the FERŌX-T pick-up, an authentic Sport Utility Truck (SUT) that combines all the benefits of an SUV with that of a pick-up; both are available also in the ADVENTURE version. Now, with the arrival of the new FERŌX500, there is an embarrassment of riches to choose from and clients looking for pure performance have a new benchmark as this model boasts 0-100 acceleration of just 4.5 seconds! FERŌX500 is the fifth model from MILITEM’s luxury range: it is the extraordinary result of a collaboration between designers, engineers and skilled craftsmen. This combined knowledge has brought together the utmost in luxury, technology and performance, for which MILITEM is renowned. Grit, personality and bags of adrenalin is what distinguishes this new, range-topping MILITEM. It stands out for its sporty edge, power, performance and unique engine sound. It also represents a breakthrough in Europe for the adoption of a 6.4-litre V8 engine: the FERŌX500 derives from the Wrangler Rubicon 392, a model sold exclusively in North America. All it takes is to listen to the engine sound, one perfectly captured by the MILITEM Dual-Mode exhaust set-up with 4 matt-Black tailpipes, to comprehend the ‘music’. The day promises to be a satisfying one! Torque from the 6.4. V8 reaches 637 Nm at 4.300rpm, unique in a car of this type, and 75% of this is delivered low down in the rev range. Traction, meanwhile, is provided by 4WD. Transmission is an 8-speed automatic TorqueFlite controlled by paddles set behind the steering wheel, a system already introduced by MILITEM on the FERŌX-T. FERŌX500 provides, on the one hand, 40% more performance than the 3.6-litre V6 FERŌX and boasts supercar acceleration. On the other hand, it maintains all the characteristics of a true offroader thanks to adjustable suspension re-engineered by MILITEM.  DESIGN, SET-UP, TECHNOLOGY Defining the FERŌX500 project meant a lot of work, in terms of looks and mechanics. Beginning from the exterior, the ‘wide body’ design from the FERŌX has been maintained but, here, the bodywork has been enhanced with modifications to the front end and rear. These changes have altered the perception of the model. Right from the off, the greater poise and presence is clear while the refined, color-matched, chrome inserts are clean and elegant. The search for elegant looks is balanced by the strong sporty edge, one apparent from the eye-catching 22”MILITEM Black rims. MILITEM FERŌX500 presents a series of firsts that distinguish it from the rest of the line-up. Aesthetically, it is recognizable from the logo on its flanks and, especially, for the lack of a spare wheel on the rear door. This allowed the model to be completely redesigned, eliminating the air scoops too. The styling change has made the car more elegant and modern while also improving rear visibility, with all-black hinges. The groupset is also stylish, picking up on the color of the bodywork. Moving to the front end, the carbon-fiber grille in matt boasts a new Dual Color, black and red finish; a color choice repeated in the cabin. The logo on the engine hood, placed next to the air scoop, is all-black like the hooks, hood inserts and side grilles set behind the front wheel arches. The use of carbon-fiber on the groupset and air scoops are worthy of note. Clients can also add, as an optional, an LED strip set into the bumpers as well as parking sensors. The exclusive braking system, totally redefined by MILITEM in collaboration with Powerbrake – among the leaders in the sector – is the jewel in crown of the FERŌX500Up front are 370×34 mm slotted, semi-floating discs with radial expansion and contraction featuring 72 ventilation channels and a surface coating. Teamed with the discs are turned aluminum radial calipers machined from billets with internal fluid crossovers and 6 pistons crafted from stainless steel. Completing the set-up are high-performance brake pads and aircraft  grade cables in low-expansion braided steel. In the rear, the brakes adopt 4-piston calipers in combination with 370×32 mm discs, also featuring high-performance brakes and tubing in low-expansion braided steel. The new, Black  22“x9,5” rims are another exclusive MILITEM design. The rims were created especially for the FERŌX500 using innovative Hybrid Forged technology, that is light and hard-wearing but that can bear heavy loads. The captivating, sporty look is emphasized by the satin-black finish. Road tires measuring 325/50R22 can be fitted, as can All-Terrain 35×12,50/R22 sets. In alternative, clients can opt for MIILITEM Black Edition 20”x10” rims mounted with All-Terrain 35×12,5/R20 tires. The new Black performance Dual Mode exhaust system was engineered in-house by MILITEM and is fitted with 4 tailpipes and valves. These can be activated via a dashboard button to match that sound to the setting and route taken. MILITEM FERŌX500 is a car that goes beyond what other 4x4s can do. Most of the merit goes, as has been mentioned, to MILITEM’s new suspension system developed ad hoc. The set-up can be modified to tackle any type of surface thanks to the greater ground clearance provided by the MILITEM 2” Lift-Kit. MILITEM Performance Shocks dampeners, feature separate twin gas and dual-effect hydraulics. The suspension is built from aluminum and coated in carbon-fiber; they are a mechanical gem. The system also includes the Track Bar (torsion bar) that can be calibrated and is an efficient steering damper.  INTERIORS The cabin has been revolutionized by MILITEM in order to meet the needs of its luxury clients. Today, MILITEM creates masterpieces finished by hand: comfort and luxury describe the interior. It is precisely in this unconventional mix of an aggressive ‘muscle car’ bodyshape and a refined cabin that we find MILITEM’s soul. The car’s functionality never interferes with the search for the right materials and finish. The seats have been redesigned by MILITEM and have a racing derived shell shape, with incorporated headrests. The ergonomic seats result in superb comfort and the most efficient driving position possible, meaning that the driver is fully in control and all the switches and commands are close to hand. The hand-fitted nappa leather and ALCANTARA® finish is in contrasting colors sporting MILITEM stitching. The leather finish can also be extended to the dashboard, instrument panel, steering wheel boss, gear knob, door panels and luggage compartment lining, pairing well with the carbon-fiber and all-black inside. Another MILITEM first is the interior pack in glossy carbon-fiber: door handle inserts, the steering wheel and console come in carbon-fiber. The MILITEM-designed steering wheel derives from racing and have a flattened bottom and ‘bullseye’ at the top to have the wheels always aligned when pushing the gas pedal hard. Here, there is the possibility to mix things up with supple leather, ALCANTARA® and carbon-fiber. Every MILITEM client can personalize his/her car thanks to a vast range of leathers, materials (including Denim) and technical fibers. The details of the all-black finish add a touch of luxury and sportiness to the entire cabin. The central console houses the button to activate the interior multi-color ambient lights: another exclusive feature from the FERŌX range together with the smoked LEDs and the footboard that retracts electronically, as standard kit.  MILITEM FERŌX500 HIGHLIGHTS In detail, here is a rundown of the main modifications introduced by MILITEM on the FERŌX500:
  • MILITEM “rear wheel delete”, that is the removal of the spare wheel from the rear door, transforming it, and the elimination of the air scoops
  • MILITEM 370 mm front brake discs with semi-floating bell and 6-piston radial calipers, aircraft standard brake cables in braided steel
  • MILITEM 370 mm rear brake discs with semi-floating bell and 4-piston radial calipers, aircraft standard brake cables in braided steel
  • MILITEM Black rims 22”, Hybrid Forged, with 325/50 R22 road tires
  • MILITEM Black matt Dual Mode performance exhaust with 4 tailpipes and exhaust valves that can be activated by the driver via a cabin button
  • MILITEM paint finish on all exterior components Color-coded rear lights All-black rear door hinges All-black engine hood hooks All-black 500 Black hood logo All-black hood inserts All-black side grilles
  • MILITEM mudflap grilles in opaque carbon-fiber
  • MILITEM front grille 500 line, Dual Color, black and red
  • MILITEM front shell seats for a sporty edge
  • MILITEM interior Carbon-fiber kit in high-gloss finish
  • MILITEM super sporty steering wheel in high-gloss carbon-fiber
Like the standard FERŌX, this vehicle is fitted with:
  • MILITEM grille profile in matt carbon finish
  • MILITEM mudflaps in matt carbon finish
  • MILITEM multicolor interior mood lights
  • MILITEM LED strip integrated into the front bumper
  • MILITEM front parking sensors
  • MILITEM smoked LEDs
  • MILITEM electronic retractable footboard
OTHER FEATURES Fuel Saver technology in the engine management deactivates half the cylinders when maximum power output is not required, meaning that consumption levels drop. The large airscoop on the hood works to cool the engine. Different drive modes can be selected in 4WD and, concerning specific settings for off-road, safety features, infotainment and connectivity on are the same as the original versions. MILITEM FERŌX500 maintains the same versatile characteristics of the Wrangler 392, with a body-colored hard top that comes in 3 sections to make it easier to remove. It is also possible to have an electric soft top fitted, teamed with removable rear windows to deliver a wider panorama and a cabriolet drive! The FERŌX500 embodies the most evolved expression of MILITEM’s American Tech-Italian Made mood. Each MILITEM vehicle is the perfect combination of American DNA and majestic Italian craftsmanship. MILITEM redefines iconic American models with an exquisite finish and Italian class and taste. The brand creates exclusive models for the luxury market. It is in the details that MILITEM’s value and unique edge can be gauged! The list price of the MILITEM FERŌX500 starts from € 149.500 plus VAT. Each MILITEM model is accompanied by a European warranty that extends to 36 months or 100,000km. MILITEM’s vehicles have European homologation and are subject to German TÜV safety regulations, one of the world’s leading independent technical associations. MILITEM’s first corporate showroom was established in Monza but the brand’s commercial network includes three dealerships in Italy: in Bologna, Padova and Mantua. MILITEM also has dealers in the Principality of Monaco and Düsseldorf in Germany. Other dealers will be added over the coming months, prioritizing markets in Austria, Switzerland, Holland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  MILITEM recommends BARDAHL lubricants For more information: