Upgrades For Radical’s Critically Acclaimed SR3 XX And SR10 For 2022 Model Year

Radical Sportscars has re-engineered its ultimate track cars, the SR10 and SR3 XX, to fit them with an optional halo safety device, alongside other standard and cost-option safety and driver-focused development upgrades.

Developing a proven formula to lap faster for longer, the Radical Sportscars team now incorporates upgrades across both SR3 XX and SR10 race car models. Starting with new cast uprights to provide greater durability and a longer service life, Radical’s Works race team has also worked on suspension upgrades and fitted new camber shims to speed up geometry set-up changes. These upgrades will allow owners increased scope to tailor the SR3 XX or SR10 to their driving style, circuit set-up and track conditions via easy adjustment of the ride height, spring rates and turn-in.

Available on a Radical for the first time, is an optional halo. Well-known in open-wheel motorsport, the safety structure sits above the driver’s head to protect from impact. Radical has designed the structure in conformance with FIA specifications, with the aim of keeping customers safer out on track. Additional enhancements include a new raised steering column to aid ergonomics and improve driver visibility, an optional power steering upgrade and a larger driver’s seat for the centre drive configuration.

Alongside the shared SR3 XX and SR10 upgrades, the Radical engineering team has developed some SR10-only features to enhance the engine and braking power. A larger brake kit, which includes revised disc and pad compounds, means that the SR10 can stop faster and for longer. Both cars feature a new optional secondary digital display, mounted on the dash to complement the digital screen on the steering wheel. The displays link the driver to the car’s comprehensive data logging capabilities, including on-board video and telemetry, which are vital for driver coaching.

Radical’s in-house Works team has also created an upgraded engine remap for the Radical Performance Engines (RPE) developed Ford EcoBoost 2.3-litre turbocharged engine for the SR10. It features a gear-limited top speed of 180 mph and is capable of 0-60 mph in just 2.4 seconds. With its digital dash and full data logging capabilities, the updated SR10 can assist both drivers and driver coaches in giving the best data to help owners maximize their use of the power, brakes and custom geometry.

Joe Anwyll, CEO said: “The 2022 updates deliver step changes in driver safety, driveability and durability giving our customers the confidence to post faster lap times for longer periods of time. As we approach the company’s 25th anniversary in 2022, we plan to continue the accelerative pace of growth driven by desirable new product, world class dealers and our products’ position as the race car of choice at North American private member circuits.”

Dan Redpath, Group Sales and Marketing Director said: “The halo is one of the biggest developments in Radical’s history, and we have taken inspiration from the technology in motorsport which we’ve seen work so effectively on many occasions and appropriated it to SR3 XX and SR10. We have been delighted with the incredibly strong demand since launching SR3 XX and SR10, and expect the 2022 updates to maintain the strong order bank.”

Launched in December 2020 as a new formula in motorsport, the SR10 was designed, developed and built to deliver more power and torque than has ever featured in Radical’s SR line-up. With a new engine from its in-house Radical Performance Engines (RPE) team, paired with a GT3-derived six-speed gearbox and Hewland TMT-200 transaxle, it broke a record earlier this year, becoming the fastest-selling model in Radical’s 24-year history, selling 50 cars in just nine months. Today there are over 80 SR10 driver-owners around the world.

The new 2022 SR3 XX and SR10 models are now available to order with first deliveries expected in Q1 2022. Available via 31 dealers worldwide, and eligible for use globally, the Radical Sportscars team has also published its draft 2022 UK race calendar, available to view here, and the SR3 XX and SR10s are eligible for every race.

  • SR3 XX and SR10 can now be specified with a ‘halo’ for improved driver safety
  • SR3 XX and SR10 now benefit from lightweight cast aluminium uprights with billet as a cost option
  • Raised steering column on both models for improved visibility and ergonomics
  • Large brake package upgrade with cooling and improved engine map as standard on SR10
  • SR10 is the fastest-selling model in Radical’s history and the latest upgrades make the car yet more desirable
  • Order books for 2022 model year SR10 and SR3 XX now open worldwide through 31 dealers
  • 2021 will be the most successful year in company’s history

Celebrating its 25th anniversary next year, the UK-based Radical Sportscars team manufactures all models and engines for a global audience from its headquarters in Peterborough, UK where it has been based since it was founded in 1997. More news will be announced of upcoming celebration events in the coming months